Expedia QuickConnect® & Hotwire QuickConnect


HotwireQuickConnect: How to Get Started

Once a Hotwire QuickConnect solution is established, a hotel interested in acquiring the HQC interface is strongly encouraged to contact its system provider (PMS, CRS or Channel Manager) about HotwireQuickConnect. If a solution is not currently in place, the system provider should reach out to the HotwireQuickConnect team so that the process of establishing a connection can begin.

To get started with HotwireQuickConnect, please contact your hotel system provider and inquire if the HQC interface is available or visit our System Provider Page to view current interfaces.

You can also create an account to access our technical specifications page here: Developer Area home page.

If your hotel does not have an agreement with Hotwire, please sign up first at this address: www.joinhotwire.com