Expedia QuickConnect®: How does it Work

How Does it Work?

Connectivity allows for the electronic exchange of rates, room availability and booking data between Expedia and our hotel partners. Hotel partners save on the costly resources required to maintain rates on two separate systems and to manually input reservations received via fax or email from Expedia.

Each solution has three key elements:

  1. An interface for the Expedia platform that allows us to build and process messages storing updated rates, room availability and restrictions from hotel systems and delivering booking data back to the hotel system.
  2. An interface provided by your system provider that allows your system to build messages that reflect changes in rates, room availability and restrictions and generate new reservations from messages containing booking data.
  3. XML messages that allow the exchange of the above data.

Learn More...

To learn more about the EQC interface, its benefits to you as a hotel partner, as well what the next steps are, please view this short 7-minute video: