Expedia QuickConnect®

Expedia, Inc. is the world's leading online travel company, connecting partners with the largest travel marketplace and unmatched global demand across more than 150 points of sale in nearly 70 countries. Our mission is to get the world going and we're doing so by building the world's largest and most intelligent travel marketplace. Expedia QuickConnect® (EQC) supports this goal.

Expedia QuickConnect® is designed to make it easier to work with us by allowing the electronic exchange of booking, rate and availability information between Expedia and your hotel system. It represents a break from legacy connectivity and bypasses the GDS, using a next-generation web service - web 2.0 - XML. Expedia, by continually pushing innovation, has made this connectivity API publicly available for hotel partners and hotel system providers, free of charge, online.

Why EQC?

  • Reduce manual labor: EQC's automation eliminates the need to manually re-enter bookings into your system and does away with manually managing Expedia PartnerCentral
  • Obtain greater control over your product offering: EQC allows you to manage your rates and room availability from the same system with which you revenue manage your hotel, making Expedia easier to work with.
  • Enhance your product offering: automation allows for the distribution of additional room types and rate plans without any additional work on your part.
  • And finally, save time: automating daily tasks allows you to focus on revenue management and on promoting your hotel.