Expedia QuickConnect®: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why connect to Expedia?

A: Our direct connectivity solutions make it easier to work with us by automating the entire booking process and replacing the manual management of the extranet with an electronic solution.

Q: What are the criteria for my hotel to be connected to Expedia?

A: First, your hotel needs to be a part of our Expedia Special Rate program. Should you already have a commercial agreement with Expedia; your Market Manager can walk you through the steps required for connectivity. If your hotel is not a current Expedia Special Rate participant, please visit www.joinexpedia.com

Q: How do I know which connectivity solution is best for my hotel?

A: If your hotel is part of a chain, contact your chain/brand representative as you may already have access to an Expedia connectivity solution. You can also contact your Market Manager. If your hotel is already an Expedia partner and is an independent property or part of a chain, please contact your Market Manager for more information. You may operate a property management system or central reservation system with a provider with whom we already have an Expedia®Connect interface. Contact your provider for details.

If you believe your hotel is a good fit for Expedia QuickConnect®, follow these steps:

  1. Have your hotel's information technology team or your contracted third-party development company sign up for further details on the specification in the Developer Area.
  2. Review the specification to determine if Expedia QuickConnect® is the optimal connectivity solution for your hotel.
  3. Once you have coded for the solution, your Market Manager will be able to begin the EQC activation process.

Q: What are the costs associated with Expedia QuickConnect®?

A: Expedia does not charge any fees to our hotels or their developers coding for the interface. Please contact your vendor/development contractor for any fees or charges that may be associated with Expedia QuickConnect®.

Q: Is the Expedia QuickConnect® interface secure?

A: Yes. Communication is conducted over the open Internet, through a secure channel (HTTPS).

Q: Does my commercial agreement change with Expedia if I connect through Expedia QuickConnect®?

A: No. All commercial terms in your agreement with Expedia and Hotels.com continue to be respected. The technology focuses on improving the efficiency of the process, not the conditions for participating in the merchant programs.

Q: How does the Expedia QuickConnect® support process work?

A: If you are experiencing issues with Expedia QuickConnect®, contact your vendor, your first line of support for technical issues.

Q: Who do I contact if I have further questions?

A: For general questions, please contact your Market Manager. For specific questions regarding the interface, contact your vendor

Q: How do I know if my PMS/CRS supports Expedia QuickConnect®?

A: Contact your hotel system provider to determine if your system can connect to Expedia QuickConnect®. Alternatively, you can also check if your provider is listed here: EQC System Providers Contact your PMS vendor to determine if your system can connect to Expedia QuickConnect®.

Q: Can I implement only booking retrieval and still manage all my rates and inventory on the Extranet?

A: EQC does support split connections, allowing you to connect the booking piece to one system while the availability and rates piece to another. Again, validate this with your system provider (s) and Market Manager.