Expedia QuickConnect®: Connect With Us

For questions on building, testing, certifying and enhancing your Expedia QuickConnect (EQC) Connection please submit your query to our team of Specialists at EQCSS@expedia.com and you will receive a response in 72 business hours. 

Additional Resources

In addition, you already have many resources that are easily accessible at www.expediaquickconnect.com via your subscription. Simply logon using your User ID and password. Below are some details of the resources you’ll find there:

·         The API specification, all IT requirements and connectivity tools for EQC can be found in the developer area

·         If you have any development related questions, please use the Discussion Forum.

General Inquiries  

Vendors, who are already connected and have inquiries, please reach out to hothelp@expedia.com.  Be sure to provide your company and system details along with your inquiry. 

Vendors or hotels that have questions not related to the connection, please refer to Contact Expedia located on the lower right side of the Expedia PartnerCentral home page. Select a category from the left side of the page, sample categories include:  

  • Accounting 
  • Property Information 
  • Reservations
  • Rates and Inventory