Expedia QuickConnect®: Best Practices for Hoteliers

  1. Keep your life simple and free up time -- use Expedia QuickConnect® for all inventory, rates, packages, and special offers you would like displayed on Expedia points of sale.

  2. Load all room types. This will ensure the greatest selection to our customers. Furthermore, your hotel will remain available on Expedia for as long as rooms are available. Should you wish to add a new room type, please contact your Expedia Market Manager.

  3. Provide Expedia with access to total inventory as your flexible allocation; your vendor will be able to advise you how to achieve this within your system.

  4. Set base allocation for the year with your dedicated Expedia Market Manager, and have a minimum of 330 of future inventory days available.

  5. Continue to work closely with your Market Manager on how to drive sales for value-add rooms and rate plans.

  6. As your hotel's peak demand periods vary, work together with your Expedia Market Manager so that he or she can help you optimize revenues during these periods.

  7. If you use dynamic rate rules (DRRs), always inform your Expedia Market Manager of any special offers so we can ensure they are posted accurately and included in our programs as applicable.

  8. Following implementation, we advise that you check updates through either your local Expedia point of sale or through the Expedia Partner Central to ensure changes are being delivered as expected for a period of 3-4 weeks.

  9. As always, should you experience any problems or outages, the system vendor will be your point of contact. Spend time reading and understanding the support provision from the system provider, and ensure a sufficient number of staff are briefed.

  10. If Expedia QuickConnect® functionality is down, bookings will revert to fax or email and availability and rates can be manually updated on Expedia Partner Central until the issue is corrected.